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DDC Document Management

DDC's state-of-the-art on-line document content management service - DDC Host ™
provides you easy access to your records via the Internet accessible anytime,
24/7 - 365 and significantly reduces your costs!


Financial Services
Freight Bills


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The DDC Group is a global BPO company with state-of-the-art enterprise document and content management solutions, DDC provides desktop access to all of your documents while protecting critical archived information for: financial services, freight bill entry/logistics, healthcare, and  cemetery/funeral homes document management industries.  Once DDC scans your documents we capture the relevant data and convert the documents to a digital format.  Then we index and upload the images to our secured storage, retrieval, and archiving system.  Documents can easily be accessed when you need them, where you need them with no special hardware or software.  Document scanning, storage, and retrieval has never been faster, easier, or more secure.

Cost Reduction:

You should expect to save between 50% and 75% of your data capture costs when moving to global processing, depending upon your existing cost base, turnaround requirements and volume.  There have been instances where clients have saved 90% of their existing cost.  Savings may be greater where "knowledge workers" are involved.  The relatively low cost and availability of highly qualified staff to conduct specialized needs of a specific industry make our global option extremely attractive.
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You should expect to receive a quality guarantee backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The DDC Group has over 20 years of Global BPO experience which has reminded us of the absolute need to always keep innovating and moving forward looking to alternative industries as the needs occur.


With Offices in: Atlanta, Georgia - Huntington Station, New York - US Virgin Islands


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